Davis Recycling has been in the business of recycling since 1958.

Davis Recycling, Atlanta, GeorgiaDavis Recycling buys scrap metal in all forms and quantities.  We are a minority-owned small business with a focus on personalized and professional customer service. Our management team is involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.  We are well versed in corporate recycling and understand the unique needs of commercial LEED certification.  Due to the high volume of scrap materials we process, we are able to be more competitive in giving the best price to our customers for the materials we purchase, while giving the very best professional service available.


Davis Recycling began as a rag recycling business in 1958. Rag recycling was actually big business way back when. Here in the US, rags were used to manufacture paper as early as the late 1600’s for newspapers. The demand for rags was so great worldwide it started ‘rag wars’ in the 1700’s, and laws were made to prohibit exporting rags. By the 1930’s “rag and bone” men started collecting these unwanted items, and selling them for industrial use. By the 1940’s WWII had begun and the government encouraged recycling of old materials for the war effort, including scrap metal and old tires. This included aluminum pots, iron beds and railings.  While Davis Recycling no longer takes rags or rubber, we do buy unwanted scrap and used metals and return them to the ‘raw materials’ cycle. While the focus of today’s recycling industry is on sustainability, it is an age-old industry. Our awareness of our impact on the planet has helped keep recycling–or “up-cycling”–in the forefront of people’s minds and pocketbooks.

employeesPicOur Philosophy

Davis Recycling has been serving the Atlanta metropolitan area for over 50 years. Our formula for success is simple: Treat our customers, employees and consumers as we would wish to be treated. We practice old-fashioned values and provide an excellent environment to work in. If you are already a customer, thank you. If you are not a customer yet, we look forward to having the opportunity to provide service and value to your company.