Property Manager or Building Engineer–New Space, Swapping out your batteries or HVAC Repair? Capitalize on your Scrap Metal.

comm visualsWe work with Contractors, Sustainability Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Data/Battery Replacement Contractors, Movie Industry, Site Clean-up Companies and Junk Removal/Haulers.

Construction and renovation or upgrades on your commercial property can yield large volumes of scrap debris.   You may not realize the value that is either being overlooked or discarded on these materials! Next time you have data wiring, plumbing, electrical, HVAC or other construction or recycling projects, cash in on the scrap at Davis Recycling.

No Cost, No Hassle.  No waiting.  Payment on the spot.

Your time is valuable. Let us handle your recycling jobs on site. We are professionals and our corporate-friendly staff is seasoned at working within operating buildings and tenant-occupied floors. We can pick up or provide roll-offs of any size at your location anywhere within metro Atlanta. We will do an on-site analysis and estimate. Or, if you want to bring in your scrap we promise no waiting and payment on the spot. The process couldn’t be easier. And there is no cost to you.

Corporate Friendly.  LEEDS Certification.  Sustainability. Recycling Management.

We help companies like yours with your LEED Certification, Sustainability and Recycling Management needs. We know recycling bookkeeping, we can provide job-specific accounting and we can help you with your bid process.

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Let our corporate-friendly commercial team handle all of your recycling and debris removal. Our experienced staff can provide you with an on-site survey to assist you in determining the value of your recycled materials at any point during the process. We can pick up your materials or provide roll-off containers for sizable or ongoing projects.


We’ve helped Atlanta’s most respected companies with their recycling needs.


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We Know Recycling Bookkeeping

We have a variety of payment options for our commercial accounts. We can provide specific accounting for each job and we can assist you in your bid process.

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